Case: Markedsføring på minutter


Marketing in Minutes


For a discount-oriented chain like Fakta, where customers are driven by weekly offers, it is necessary to be seen and found by customers. In the past, they could easily reach the Danes with a sales flyer in the mailbox and a TV spot. Today, it’s not that easy. TV consumption has declined as the number of “no thank you” signs on mailboxes has increased.

Therefore, Fakta, like all other grocery store chains, has had to quickly transition from a primarily offline setup to a much more digital setup. This requires a massive presence on all digital platforms to ensure the same high weekly coverage that sales flyers were previously able to achieve.

However, manually producing current weekly offers and campaigns for all channels and target groups would result in insurmountable costs.


We have developed a system that automatically generates and distributes content to all of Fakta’s relevant digital shopping with overwhelming results. This allows for sharper segmentation and better utilization of advertising platforms.



1. Result

Up to a 70% improvement in CPM for ongoing activities.

2. Result

Estimated savings of 10 million in production costs.

3. Result

Time-to-market reduced from weeks to hours.

This is a staging environment